Where Is This “Secret Police Aircraft” Story?

Whilst googling for a recent post about Police surveillance I found a Daily Telegraph article in which the Metropolitan Police Service appear to acknowledge the existence of a previously secretive fleet of military grade surveillance aircraft. To my surprise I cannot find another original source on this highly newsworthy story.  Continue reading


Metropolitan Police Service + Surveillance

After watching a recent TV show about undercover cop Mark Kennedy I began to wonder how the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) might use technology in surveillance. Here’s what I found with a few hours googling. I only include technologies acknowledged by the Police in credible sources. References at the end. Continue reading

Occupy London Occupying Search

Internet traffic analysis shows a notable increase of interest in the current banking crisis and in particular suggests the occupy movement has scored a spectacular success with it’s campaign against the City Of London. UK online interest began rising in August, when Occupy Wall Street started, and continues to rise today after a jump in mid October as Occupy London began. Continue reading