Occupy London Occupying Search

Internet traffic analysis shows a notable increase of interest in the current banking crisis and in particular suggests the occupy movement has scored a spectacular success with it’s campaign against the City Of London. UK online interest began rising in August, when Occupy Wall Street started, and continues to rise today after a jump in mid October as Occupy London began.

The number of people in the UK searching for “financial crisis” doubled to 130,000 searches per month. In fact, all the following terms have approximately doubled in the number of searches per month from August to today:

  • banking crisis
  • global financial crisis
  • uk banking crisis
  • bank collapse
  • global crisis
  • tax justice
  • direct democracy

Occupy London has been attempting to shed a light on the City Of London Corporation. Here is a graph showing the 12 month Google data for the search term “city of london corporation”.

Graph showing UK Searches For "City Of London Corporation"

UK Searches For "City Of London Corporation"

The sudden rise in October, when the camp’s campaign began, is startling. It shows a five fold increase in the number of searches (to approx 14,000 per month).

Occupy London should be emboldened.

Data collected from Google Trend and Google Keyword tools on 12 November 2011. As with all internet usage data the figures are only approximate.


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